January 1, 2016 - NoCo Fitness

Articles for the Month: January 2016

Find a Gym That Fits You

What is Most Important to You Joining a gym is a big decision. You have many different decisions to make before going to look at prospective gyms. Do you want the gym near your home or near work? Big gym or small gym? What are their hours of operation? What equipment...

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New Year’s Fitness Resolution Check In

It’s two (ish) weeks from the New Year; are you keeping your fitness resolution? If so, you should feel better, look better, and generally feel stronger. If not, let’s troubleshoot and try to get you back on track. First, if your goal is to get fit, your exercise and...

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New Year Resolution

Studies show that as many as 50% of Americans make New Year Resolutions and less than 10 % actually keep them. The number one New Year Resolution every year is to lose weight and currently two thirds of American adults are considered overweight. We can clearly see...

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Stay healthy with Water

While living in Greeley, Colorado, each winter we feel the effects of the cold on our body: dead and flaky skin, more cracking of the lips, and a parched throat. Our bodies are experiencing the change of the season and reacting to the increased dryness in the air...

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How to Lose Weight Now Holiday Version

Gaining weight during the holidays just happens. And it can be a real bummer. All the Halloween candy, Thanksgiving dinner and leftovers, Christmas ham and New Year’s Eve drinking can leave their mark as more than a temporary food baby. That weight can become more...

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Chris Silvernale and NoCo Fitness Gym

Chris Silvernale has always wanted to open a gym and after months of looking, negotiating, planning, (and painting) his dreams are becoming a reality. On January 1, 2016, the new and improved NoCo Fitness neighborhood gym will open. Chris’ goal is to provide a gym...

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