July 1, 2016 - NoCo Fitness

Articles for the Month: July 2016

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer

Working with a personal trainer can be the push you need to get on track with your fitness goals. But some people wonder if it's worth the expense. Our answer at NoCo Fitness is "yes, definitely." There's so many benefits to working with a personal trainer. For one,...

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Healthy Eating on a Junk food Budget part 1 of 3

Healthy eating is one of three very important parts of a healthy life.  It takes a good gym, a healthy mentality, and healthy eating to obtain a healthy lifestyle.  Healthy eating does have one of the biggest drawbacks though, and that is the cost.  Simply put,...

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Making Your Workout a Habit

We all have friends who, despite hectic schedules, never miss a day at the gym. Who can't stop talking about the next 5K. Who can't stop smiling after yoga class. Sure, they’re a little, well, obsessive about working out or maybe annoying. But we envy them! And we...

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Importance of Setting Fitness Goals

If you aim to stay in shape, regularly following your current exercise program may suffice. But if you want to see changes in your body or overall fitness, setting realistic fitness goals can make a big difference. What is realistic for you depends on your starting...

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Exercising in the Workplace

Most people know that exercising and a healthy diet are the keys to being fit and living a healthy lifestyle. However, most people still find it difficult to find the time during the day to exercise and often times will rely on sneaking in a quick workout in the...

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Diet and Exercise are Mainstays to Healthiness

We can't go a day without hearing about the latest fad in weight loss plans. There's drinks, pills, shakes, pink drinks, low-carb diets, high-protein diets, the Atkins diet and the list goes on. But what remains true and steady through all the fads is this: diet and...

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