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A Family Friendly Activity: Health, Wellness and Exercise

Written on: March 12, 2017

It’s no secret that it is sometimes difficult to start your own fitness journey if the people around you aren’t quite on board. You try to cook healthy food for dinner, but the family wants pizza. You try to make time for the gym, but get talked into doing something else. Mom, dad, and others’ wonder why you spend so much time at the gym. Kids, spouses, friends, and other family members have a direct influence on us and our decisions, good or bad.

The fact of the matter is, it is hard to begin and stick to anything, if the people around you aren’t on board with what you are doing. There is a simple solution to this problem. Get them on the journey with you! It is time to get them involved, and here are a few ways how:

Get them to the gym with you.

Show them how important your health has become to you. Lead by example. Show them how much fun you are having working on your own goals. Set up a family “gym-time”.

Make fitness and health fun!

Health and fitness does not need to be a painful or miserable. Find the fun in your workouts and nutrition. Your family will see this and will want a piece of the fun!

A family that trains together, is successful together!

Getting family members or friends together to hit the gym or participate in group training can be a great way to get everyone working toward their goals together. This makes for a great environment where you can all push each other and keep each other motivated!

A family that eats together, is successful together!

Eating dinner together with your family at the dinner table can be a great way to get the family talking about their health, fitness, life goals, and other daily events. This creates for a healthy family dynamic overall.

It is hard to go about our own goals if it seems everyone around us is against us. Instead of looking at it that way, look at it as an opportunity to help others around you see their goals! Help them get on the same great path you have started for yourself!

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