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Avoid a High Priced Personal Trainer

Congratulations on searching for the perfect personal trainer for you. This article is intended to help you avoid overpriced personal trainers and outline different personal training options available to you. Three locations to consider for your fitness needs are: 1) a local or chain gyms, 2) outdoor mobile personal trainers, or 3) personal training fitness studios.

NoCo Fitness | gymThe first option you have is to join a local or chain gym and use the fitness trainer they provide. One note of caution here, many gyms require a 12 to 24 month contract for a specific number of personal training sessions each week. You may love your personal trainer but if he/she leaves the gym or worse moves to a new gym you will be stuck paying for your weekly training sessions. Secondly, personal training at a gym can be very costly with the gym keeping up to 75% of the session price and  the personal trainer earning very little. This leads to high personal trainer turnover at club gyms.

NoCo Fitness | mobile personal trainerA second option and completely opposite environment is to find a fitness trainer who will travel to your home or nearby park. These trainers typically train clients as a part time job in combination with working a full time job. The benefit to working with a mobile trainer is the flexibility in their training location style along with purchasing their services at a much lower price point because their overhead is minimal.

NoCo Fitness | personal training studioA third option takes the best of both a gym and mobile personal trainer. Studio gyms that offer personal training exclusively provide the gym setting along with personal trainers who are reasonably priced. These trainers provide excellent service and above average results as they work to build clientele through word of mouth referrals generated by current clients success. Pricing at a fitness studio may range from low to high depending on individual trainers experience. These gyms take a much smaller percentage of the training cost as a space fee. Thus, trainers can make personal training a career and offer their services to you at a lower cost.

By training with a personal personal trainer at a studio gym you can expect better service, a higher quality coaching, and lower session prices than a traditional gym. You can expect to be taught and motivated by a full time fitness trainer who knows the ins and outs of the fitness world.



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