Back to School, Back to Fitness

Written on: September 17, 2018

Back to Fitness | Greeley, CO

Back to Fitness | Greeley, CO

Summer is coming to an end. The heat is subsiding. Leaves are turning different colors. And there is an abundant aroma of pumpkin spice in the air. At this time of year, parents can rejoice! The kids are back in school, which means that you can start to find your own routine again. No late nights during the week for kids having sleep overs or dropping them off at camps. No need to find daycare for them. They are going back to school, and you can regain some sense of routine during your day. As part of that routine, it is important to find time to work out and get your sweat on!

Here are some tips for you moms and dads out there that are searching for that routine again, and how you may be able to throw fitness in there.

Workout early in the day.

It is so easy for us to get caught up in our day, whether at work, taking kids to soccer practice, the list goes on and on. So, getting a workout in late in the day isn’t always feasible. But, if you can fit time in during the early morning to get your workouts done before the kids even get up, this may be a way to success for you.

Ditch the home videos and get to a gym.

Joining a gym can be an incredibly motivating way to get back into working out. You are already paying for it, so on those days when you feel sore, you have a little incentive to go anyways. Also, it is way too convenient to get a workout in at home, and we can find a million other things we would rather do than to sweat on the living room carpet.

Get a personal trainer.

A personal trainer can help to offer some consistency to your workouts just by you having a set appointment that you have to meet somebody. This accountability can keep you on track.

Do not schedule anything else for your workout time.

Realize that it is important to have some “you” time. There is no better time to self-reflect and be all about “you” than when you are working out. Set a realistic time that you think you can devote to working out, and try not to let other things interfere. It is time that fitness takes priority, and you schedule other things around your workouts.

Set realistic time goals for your workouts.

If you have a full hour to workout, that’s great! The reality is however, a lot of people may only have a half hour. If that is the case, get into the gym, go hard, and then get out of there. Anyone can find a half hour in their day to workout. Most people spend more than that on average just playing candy crush on their phone each day. Again, a personal trainer that can push you for that half hour may come in handy in this situation as well.

Hopefully, some of these tips will help you in getting back to your routine now that everyone is back to school. Being a parent can be difficult and time consuming, but making time for fitness can help you to both manage your stress and busy life! Most importantly, remember making “you” time is imperative to your overall health and well-being!

By: Ryan McIvor

Ryan McIvor | Personal Trainer

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