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Burnin’ Metabolism: Eat More, Lose More

Fitness professionals hear it every day. “I am just not losing any weight, and I don’t get it! I don’t eat that much!” Most weight loss clients go through this at some point in their journey, and my answer to them always surprises them. “Eat More!” This is the point at which the client gives me the look of “This guy is insane telling me to eat more! I want to lose fat, not gain it!” I look at them and say, “It’s true, you are going to have to eat more to lose more weight, as weird as it sounds.” This is a paraphrased portion of many conversations personal trainers have with clients educating how the body’s metabolism works.

How our Metabolism Works

Hear me out:
Metabolism is like an old-style coal train. These trains run on a burning fire created when the engineer throws coal into the fire. This creates a pressure and propels the train forward. Metabolism and fat burning work exactly the same way. Weight loss clients usually associate weight loss with reduced eating. However, your metabolism works just like the train:

You are the engineer. Food is the coal. Your metabolism is the fire. Your weight loss is the train. When you first start working out with a personal trainer, your metabolism begins to increase. The fire grows larger. The fat burning begins and weight loss happens. As you keep working out, your metabolism continues to grow, and just like a train engineer, you have to keep throwing coal (food) at the fire (metabolism) to keep it burning hot.

Weight loss clients do the opposite far too often. Their metabolism increases, but they eat less and kill the fire. Their weight loss becomes stagnant. I am here to help navigate the balance of feeding the fire without over eating. For more guidance seek out a knowledgeable personal trainer or come see me at NoCo Fitness.

So, get out there, eat more, and keep the metabolism fire burning!


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