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Chasing Kids Around: How Do I Stay on Track?

Written on: October 4, 2016

In this life, we have a number of things going on. We have work, home life, fitness goals and kids. How does a parent keep up? Well, At NoCo Fitness, we believe in helping our members as much as possible on all types of different topics. Today we are touching on fitness and nutrition tips for staying on track with a busy schedule and kids schedules.

Find Time to Exercise

How can one accomplish this task of staying on top of your fitness goals, staying active and maintaining the kids schedule? Let us help! If your kid plays sports at the park, go for a run while they practice. There are plenty of opportunities for you to get your workout in, while the kids are at practice. At a soccer practice, take a few laps around the field, do some lunges in between and even bring your small weights.

If possible, plan your workouts in the early morning, before the kids wake up. That helps you to get some alone time, it lets you focus completely on your work out as well as it doesn’t disturb the kids or interfere with their routine or schedule.

This next tip is a ton of fun and a brilliant way to get more involved with your kids. You can help them while they practice. You can practice with them, it brings you closer, and it helps the bond between you two as well as helps to keep you active. You can get an idea of their technique and form while they practice to help them improve. (Parenting win!)

Feed your Body

So maybe you already help the kids and exercise during practice but you are struggling with keeping your nutrition in check while running around with the kids. Here are a few tips so you don’t run to grab a quick meal at an unhealthy fast food restaurant.

Meal Prep | NoCo FitnessBring shakes and meal bars to help keep you on track. Shakes and bars will help to take the edge off when you are busy going, going, going! Even if the shakes won’t fill you up, they will tie you over until you can get home to get a full healthy meal.

Plan ahead! Choose a day that isn’t as busy and prep your meals that day. Write it into your schedule so you aren’t scrambling to get it done, but rather, intentionally put it in the schedule and make it a priority. This will help you tremendously in the week to come! This will make things seem less hectic while juggling multiple schedules as well as sticking to your fitness goals.

We hope this helps you in your scheduling around the kids schedules and maintaining your healthy lifestyle. Let us know if this has helped you in the comments below or on our facebook page!

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