Client Spotlight: Colleen Griffith

Written on: August 13, 2019

Client Spotlight | Colleen Griffith

Colleen Griffith has been training with us at NoCo Fitness for over a year now! She first came to us in August of last year, and has trained with Chandler ever since. When she first came in, she was just coming off of a hip replacement surgery and wanted to be able to move the way she used to move. Her big goal was to get back onto the softball field and be able to play without any limitations. Not all of her workouts were easy. There were definitely some frustrations with the hip along the way, but after all of the hard work put in Colleen has been able to reach her goal of getting back on the field and live her life the way she did before!

Now that she has moved past any hip issues Colleen just keeps moving forward and expanding her goals to different areas.  Right now she is focusing on some weight loss goals, and is doing great! With her consistency to her workouts and her diet, she has been able to drop some serious pounds over the last few months and just keeps on pushing forward.

Something that I think we can all take from Colleen is just the approach and attitude every day. The main theme from the successes that we’ve seen in the gym is her positive attitude every time she comes in, and the ability to stay consistent for over a year now.

Keep crushing it Colleen, and happy one year Trainerversary!

By: Chandler Grimes 

Chandler Grimes | Personal Trainer

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