Dealing with Stress

Written on: November 9, 2017

Stress. It is something that we as humans deal with in everyday life. Stress can be positive. Having good things happen in life can be considered “good” stress. But, stress can also take on a negative effect in our life, and unfortunately, we all have to deal with this. The problem is, however, how we decide to deal with that stress. Now, you may think in this blog, that I’m just going to tell you why you should use the gym to battle negative stress. But, I’m not. There is a million ways to deal with negative stress, and we are all different in how we go about it. I am simply just going to tell you some of the ways that I have seen myself and my clients deal with their stress.

Take a break now and then.

It is good to take a vacation every now and then. Do not be afraid to take some time for yourself to relax a little bit. Sometimes, we get way too caught up in our daily life and don’t take that time for a breather.

This could mean a multitude of things.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sit cross-legged, fingers touching, and humming. Or maybe it does. Maybe it just means sitting in your car in silence for 5 minutes before you walk into the house after work. Sometimes, we just need 5 minutes of silence to ourselves in a day, and it makes a huge difference.

Don’t use food to deal with stress.

This is a good way to throw yourself into a never ending stress cycle. You get stressed. You eat more bad food. That stresses you out more. The cycle gets worse and worse. Next thing you know, you are more stressed out than you were before. So, instead, try to find something else that is productive to you that can also help with the stress. Whether that means the gym, mowing the lawn, cooking a healthy dinner, whatever. Just find something that you enjoy to do that is productive to you and helps you to feel good.

These are just some ways I have found to be successful with both me and my clients. The main point is to figure out something that can relieve your stress that won’t stress you out more. We all have our own way, just find what works for you.

By: Ryan McIvor

Ryan McIvor | Personal Trainer

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