Debunking Common Nutritional Myths

Written on: November 13, 2018

Nutrition Myths Debunked | Greeley, CO

Myths in the nutritional world are extremely out of control. We’ve all heard them. However, sometimes figuring out what’s true and what isn’t can be pretty tough. So, the objective of this week’s blog is to dispel a few of the biggest myths that I know we’ve all heard before.

Myth #1: The Less You Eat the More Weight You’ll Lose

This might be the single most common myth about nutrition out there. Everyone thinks that if you want to lose weight, just keeping eating less and less until you reach your perfect weight. Actually, that is not true and can be potentially dangerous. So if you decide that you want to lose some weight and go on a diet, don’t just assume that the less you eat the faster you will reach your goals. Start off slow; just decrease your calorie consumption by a little bit and go from there. Eating too little can have a number of problems, including: wrecking house on your metabolism, potentially creating a bounce back effect where any weight you did lose comes back, or if you are exercising there could be problems because your body isn’t taking in enough energy. So start slow, no need to overdo it, and make small adjustments to your calories as you go.

Myth #2: Eating Fats Will Make You Fat

Also, a very common myth that we here is: eating fats will make you fat. As if after you eat it, it travels through your digestion system and directly to your hips. However, this is not true at all. Fats are actually a very vital part of your diet, because they help with tons of bodily functions. The truth is: eating fats in moderation will not make you fat, but moderation is the key. So yes, if you over eat fats there is a chance you will gain weight. It’s the same with all foods though, not just fats. So instead of swearing fat off altogether, just make an effort to moderate the amount of fats that you are eating.

Myth #3: Don’t Eat the Yolks, Just the Whites

I’m positive that everybody has heard this myth at some point. So many people believe that eating just the egg whites is the only way to eat an egg. It used to be thought that the yoke would only serve to increase cholesterol. Well not only is that not true, but science has actually shown recently that the cholesterol in the egg yolk can potentially lower the bad cholesterol in your blood. On top of that, if you only eat the egg whites, miss out on all sorts of vitamins and minerals that are only found in the yolk.

These are just a few of the many, many myths that we hear about nutrition. To be honest this could be a never ending blog, because the myths and misinformation never stop. So the next time you hear something about nutrition that kind of makes you scratch your head, do some research to find out the truth, or come into NoCo Fitness, we would love to help! Just remember, the Gain Train doesn’t run optimally if you don’t have proper nutrition.

By: Chandler Grimes

Chandler Grimes | Greeley Personal Trainer

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