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Exercising in the Workplace

Most people know that exercising and a healthy diet are the keys to being fit and living a healthy lifestyle. However, most people still find it difficult to find the time during the day to exercise and often times will rely on sneaking in a quick workout in the evening or early in the morning. There is however an alternative to exercising only at the gym; its exercising in the office. Consider for a moment that the average American is only awake for 13-17 hours within a given day, and that for 8 of those hours we are typically working. It is easy to see how it can be difficult to exercise regularly or visit a local gym regularly when realistically you may only have 5-9 hours in which to complete whatever daily tasks you have. For many parents finding this time can be even more difficult because now there is a need to balance raising their kids and spending quality time with them.

Exercising at the Office

With that being said, if you want to find a way to exercise more, why not do it at the office? I mean you’re there already anyway. So how does a person go about exercising in the office? For some it’s as easy as just doing their daily tasks; people like construction workers and bike messengers, for example. For others that may work in an office or desk job environment, it can be more difficult; it can be done though. There are a number of at work exercises that can be done during those pesky conference calls or during those quick breaks that you may get. Though they may not be as intense as your evening workout may be; they are still a great way to keep your body burning those unwanted calories from that morning Starbucks you had until you can get into the gym.

Below you will find some quick and easy exercising you can do at your desk or on breaks to help keep that body engine burning. They were provided by; Toni Yancey, professor of health services at UCLA and author of the get-moving book ”Instant Recess”; Alice Burron, exercise physiologist and spokeswoman for the American Council on Exercise; Catrine Tudor-Locke, who studies walking behavior at Pennington Biomedical Research.

Give them a try and keep up all the hard work.

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