Fit Body, Fit Mind: The Difference Between Fitness and Wellness

Written on: April 18, 2018

I am about to tell you something that you never, ever thought you would hear from a personal trainer. This is the big reveal, the ultimate secret. Prepare your eyes for the truth, reader. Believe it or not, it’s not all about the gym. There, I said it, no going back now.

Now, let me clarify, what this means is that there is a difference between fitness and wellness, and you need to make sure you are addressing both topics in your life! You’ve been in the gym, sweating, lifting, working really hard and that is awesome! You’ve also been eating all the right foods and making sure you are hitting the correct calorie count every day and putting in the work when no one else around you is and that is awesome! Now take a step back and make sure you are also fulfilling your mind wellness.

The main difference between fitness and wellness is that fitness is care of the body while wellness is care of the mind. Let’s face it, sometimes life is tough and can be quite a pain in the rear end. Stress is one of the big reasons people have a hard time losing weight, (due to cortisol levels and whatnot, we won’t get into that right now) so if you are not taking care of your mind and you are always stressed out you might actually be hurting your progress in the gym.

Seriously, do yourself a favor and take a vacation. Take up nightly meditation, pick up a hobby other than lifting weights (because we already know you love that). Your body depends on your mind being at peace, so help yourself out and do some mind recovery.

See you in the Bahamas!

By: Tanner Porter

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