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Fitting Health & Fitness Into Your Busy Schedule

As personal trainers, we have the life! People tell us all the time, “Man, it must be awesome just to hang out at the gym all day every day. That makes sense why you’re in such good shape!” And, the truth is, it is really awesome that I am immersed into my passion and hobby all day long. Health and fitness is what I love, and that’s what I live and breathe every day. When there are no clients working with us, or we have a break for a while, it is the perfect time to get in our own workouts, sometimes even a couple times per day.

But, I’m here to tell you that it isn’t always that easy, and there are days where our schedule just doesn’t seem to allow the time to train clients, eat, and workout. Over the last couple years, however, I have tried to come up with some techniques to get my workouts in even with a crazy busy day. So, for you “goal-getters” out there, here are some ways I’ve found to get my workouts in even with a busy day.

Get a personal trainer.

Set that appointment time. See that trainer at that time every week, once, twice, or even more per week. Building that consistency in your schedule will help you to plan around your workouts, and then you can begin to make fitness a priority in your life. Meet up with that friend for lunch right after a workout. It’ll be a great post workout meal!

Sometimes, health & fitness aren’t both priorities for the day. “Oh my, did the personal trainer just say that?” Yes, you read that correctly. Sometimes, our fitness goals have to get put on the back burner for the day. Sometimes, it is going to cause you more stress to go get a workout and skip that other important thing you have to do, and it’s okay every now and then to chalk it up as a rest day. But, get right back to it tomorrow! Call it a recovery day, but stay healthy! Hit your nutrition goals for the day, drink the amount of water you’re supposed to. The day does not need to be a total fail.

Find that half hour.

That is all it takes. Your body. Some floor space. Some motivational tunes. Get it done. Minimize your rest. Get yourself in the zone, and hit it hard for 30 minutes. You will be surprised how much you can get done in that little lunch hour break you get! Don’t let the boss knock you off the gain train!

Find other ways to be active.

It doesn’t always have to be at the gym. Maybe you have time to go on a walk with your dog after work, or you have to go coach your kids baseball team. Whatever it is, try to get in some activity in your day outside of the gym. Sometimes, it isn’t always convenient to drive down to the gym, but we can still do the body some good!

Don’t make excuses for yourself.

If you have time, get it done. Don’t spend a half hour pondering if you have time, only to decide you don’t. Really, you could have been working out that whole time.


This is it. The end all be all. This is the advice that is going to be most helpful in your health and fitness goal seeking! Ready for it? Here we go! One workout will not make you fit, and missing one workout will not ruin your progress. If you can get your workout in, do it! If not, get in tomorrow. But, realize those health and fitness goals take a lot of dedication and consistency over a LONG period of time to get the benefits. It is more worthwhile that way. You will get there!

You guys got this! I have faith in all of you that you will hit those health and fitness goals. There is always time for it, you just have to make the time! Your body will appreciate it!

By: Ryan McIvor

Ryan McIvor | Personal Trainer


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