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Holiday Seasons Call for Good Health

With the holidays fully upon us, I would like to focus this week’s blog on something we should all appreciate: good health.  With all of the time spent shopping for presents, entertaining guests, cooking giant holiday meals, and whatever else the holiday season may bring upon us; sometimes people forget to treat themselves.

Whether you are interested in starting a workout program, or you are already working out; there is no better time than the present to get your workouts in. Just because it’s the season of Santa Claus, that doesn’t mean you need aspire to look like Santa Claus. Don’t get me wrong, I love sugar cookies as much as the next guy, but if I know I’m going to indulge on some extra calories I make it a priority to burn some of those off. I’m not saying you need to skip out on the holiday treats you love, but your future self will thank you if you supplement the cookies with some cardio.  After all, this is the season of giving right? So, give yourself the gift of physical fitness. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Whether its weight loss goals, or more movement related goals, or whatever it might be; treat yourself this year. We at NoCo Fitness would love to help you get a jump start on those New Year’s resolutions. So, stop into the gym today and we’ll help you get it figured out!

We would also like to remind people that we do offer gift cards, so if you know somebody that would benefit from some personal training; this is the perfect gift to help them get a jumpstart on it. So, take this advice and prioritize fitness this holiday season. Tis the season for gains!


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