How to Complain to Your Trainer

Written on: September 4, 2018

How to complain to your trainer | Greeley, CO

Clearly, there are some things in the gym that you are not going to enjoy doing. Some of these exercises fall into the same category and you may be all too familiar with. Exercises such as the bear crawl, burpees, rope slams, push ups, and pull ups are just a few of the many hated ways we can whip our bodies into shape. This blog is here to teach you the most important thing you can do in the gym: complaining to your trainer without looking like you are complaining. Take notes, ladies and gentleman, here we go.

The Factual Complaining

The first way, is my personal favorite, and I like to call it “The Factual Complaining.” The way you go about this form of complaining to your trainer is where instead of griping, you complain in such a way that it sounds as if you are reading facts out of an encyclopedia. Let me give you an example: Ryan is training Matt, and they are doing burpees. After about thirty burpees, Matt stands up and says, “My body is tired due to the amount of work it is extolling at this moment.” Now, Matt could have said, “Ryan, this workout is AWFUL and I HATE BURPEES, why ARE YOU EVIL??” But of course, we all know Ryan is unfazed by such things and will honestly probably make the workout harder.

If you state your complaints rather than whine about things, not only does it increase your vocabulary, it also decreases your chances of the workout getting harder because you gripe so intelligently.


“Under-the-Breath” is the second way of going about complaining to your trainer. Executed properly, this method could possibly allow you to whine as much as you want to without your personal trainer ever finding out! Once again, we are going to look at an example. Let us say Chandler is training Melinda. Chandler is really putting Melinda through the ringer today with the rope slams, and after about one hundred rope slams he says, “How is it going??” She stares him in the eyes with sweat dripping off her brow, smiles and says, “This is going great Chandler!” He smiles, content with the answer and turns around to look back at the board. At this moment, unbeknownst to Chandler, Melinda turns her head down and mutters to herself, “This workout can go suck an egg.” Chandler comes back to Melinda, and they carry on in the workout as if nothing ever happened.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas on how to complain to your trainer without actually complaining, and therefore avoiding any unwanted consequences. The important part is that you are working hard enough to complain in the first place!

Keep grindin’.

Stay Swole.

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