It’s Never a Bad Day to Give Your Best Effort in the gym
Gym Best Effort for your fitness journey

It’s Never a Bad Day to Give Your Best Effort in the gym

Give your best effort in the gym

Earlier this week I was reminded of something that we can all apply to our own fitness journey and even life in general: somedays you’re just not on your A game, but that does not mean that you shouldn’t give an A effort.

It happens. You might realize that you’re not able to lift a weight that you could just last week, or you’re fatiguing at a way quicker rate while doing your cardio. Whatever it might be; somedays it’s just hard. I ran into this problem with my own workout. I thought I would be able to lift a certain amount of weight but it just wasn’t happening, and I can’t lie I was very close to wanting to give up and scrap the workout completely. However, I came to my senses and decided to just give it my best effort so maybe next week I will be able to lift the weight that I had in mind. Giving up would not have helped me in any fashion, and afterwards I was glad I kept going because I know sometimes effort is all you can control.

Something I preach all the time is, how important sleep and proper nutrition are for getting the best out of your workouts in the gym. Sometimes though, as hard as we try you just can’t fall asleep or you have a really busy day at work and you’re nutrition just isn’t where it needs to be for the day. Odds are if those things happen, you’ll notice the effects. Everybody has experienced it at some point. But what you do not want to do is let those things compound into the bigger problem of just going through the motions. We should all have goals on what we are trying to accomplish in the gym, and by just going through the motions are you really setting yourself up for success in reaching those goals? Probably not. But if you just find a way to push through and give the most effort you can on that day, you’ll feel much better later and be one step closer to accomplishing your goals.

If you take one big thing from this blog today it’s this: control the things you can control. Sometimes you can’t control what happens before you get to the gym. But while you are here you CAN control how much effort you are applying, and you CAN control having a positive attitude in whatever you are trying to accomplish. It might not be your best day, but you can still get better!


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