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Lies You Are Being Told About Weight Loss

NoCo Fitness | DietToday’s world is full of people who “want” to achieve weight loss. There are also tons of people, products and techniques that claim to be the way to go to accomplish this. So where do you start to reach your weight loss goals and dreams?

In order to help the world be healthier, NoCo Fitness wants to education our clients and our online visitors on some basic weight loss facts and myths you might be believing.

Weight Loss Myth #1: All calories are equal

This myth is indeed not the case.

There is a drastic difference between carbohydrate calories, protein calories and fat calories. All of these types of calories count as calories if you are measuring total number of calories but some of them may not be the best choice for you.

We often see clients counting calories, but what kind of calories is what matters. All foods have an effect on hormones and trigger your brain’s ability to control hunger and eating behavior. The question is which message are you sending your body. We have a client that just told us, “When I eat sugar, I want more sugar”. This is how the body works. Intake food that makes your body work at an optimal performance level.

Weight Loss Myth #2: Carbs make you fat

Refined carbohydrates from grains and sugars are directly linked to weight gain but whole foods such as produce that are high in carbs are actually quite healthy. If you look around at what healthy people eat vs. what unhealthy people eat, you can see the difference quite easily.

If you eat an apple, it will give you a much different energy and boost than when you eat a candy bar. Both might give you an instant boost but one quickly tapers off, alters your mood and isn’t as easily digested by your body. In fact, the candy bar, converts to sugar in your body and that stores more fat.

Runners are typically known for storing up on carbs a day or so before a long-distance run. This is because it helps their body withstand the workout by storing energy for their journey.

Choosing your food intake and what type of food you ingest, is key to healthy living.

Weight loss is not a dream that is not attainable. It is very attainable with preparation, focus and commitment.

What most of NoCo Fitness clients tell us is that they like working with us as we definitely take the team approach to wellness. We look at your whole life, food, exercise, supplements, fitness goals, weight loss goals and help you make good choices daily.


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