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Lose Weight and Tone Your Body

NoCo Fitness | lose weightIf you are one of the 51% of adults wanting to lose weight but struggle to navigate the contradictory information found in magazines, television, and online, this article is for you. We will discuss the science behind weight loss and how to use the science to lose weight to tone your body.

Weight Loss versus Fat Loss

After reaching your goal weight, do you want to be a lighter and softer you, or a lighter and toned you? There are different strategies to lose weight or to lose fat. The strategy you chose will lead you to the type of body you ultimately create. Have you heard someone say they used a diet to lose weight? Probably yes. Have you heard someone say they lost 15 percent body fat from a diet? Probably not. By starving the body most weight loss diets make the body lose both fat and muscle where the dieter ends up being a lighter fatter version of themselves. The majority of NoCo Fitness clients want to lose weight but end with a tighter and toned body. We work with these goals every day and our coaching will teach the correct way to lose weight while building a toned body.

We find burning fat and maintaining your current muscle mass to be a realistic goal and to achieve these results we take a scientific approach. Science says we need to burn 3500 calories more than we consume to lose one pound of fat. We can realistically lose one pound of fat per week by maintaining a 500 calorie per day deficit in our daily energy consumption to energy expenditure.

The key to Lose Weight

Here is the key to lose weight and maintain your muscle. At first this may sound crazy, especially for those of you who only eat one or two meals a day. We encourage you to eat five to six meals per day. These meals are breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus a morning snack, an afternoon snack, and a post workout recovery shake depending on when you decide to exercise. Some people will actually freak out when we suggest that your goal is to eat six meals throughout the day. Here is an analogy to see the importance of eating small meals all day long. Think of our metabolism (the fat burning center of our body) as the furnace of a steam engine, the hotter we make our furnace the more fat we burn. Our goals is to make our furnace really hot. What happens when you put wood into a furnace? The furnace grows for a short period and then dies down. By adding more fuel the furnace becomes hot again. Similarly when we eat our body starts to burn fat and after a while the fat burning ability slows down. Now once we eat again our body goes back into fat burning mode. By eating six times per day we are able to continually grow our fire and burn fat much faster.

In summary, to lose weight and tone your body, your goal should be to eat five to six small and balanced meals each day. Over the course of the day you need to burn 500 calories more than you eat. By eating frequent meals you will turn your body into a fat burning machine and be able to achieve the lean body of your dreams.

Check back for future articles on exercise selection to lose weight, and a series of weight loss tips to help you on your fitness journey.

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