Maintaining Nutrition through the Holidays!

Written on: November 27, 2018

Holidays | Greeley, CO

Well, well, well, Thanksgiving/Christmas. We meet again. If you do not think that the holiday season is your biggest enemy pitted against you in the tireless struggle to shred the pounds then you just might be in for a pretty rude and/or crazy awakening. Do not fear though, I am here to help guide you through this tumultuous time in your life.

First tip, and possible the most important tip: remember not to beat yourself up over eating pie or cake or muffins this winter. Seriously, it’s the holiday season, you should eat some pie and be merry. First and foremost, don’t start treating yourself badly or feel guilty if you go a little crazy on those delicious Christmas cookies once or twice. Here’s the thing: we ALL go a little crazy on the cookies sometimes. Those SUPER FIT, absolutely STUNNING fitness models you follow on instagram? Yeah, they go crazy on the Christmas cookies. So chill out.

Second tip, and this one goes hand in hand with tip number one: make sure, no matter what you do or what you eat that it gets logged into myfitness pal. There may be days when you go nuts for the pie and that is okay but you need to hold yourself accountable to logging in your food! Doing this will help you not overeat as much, and appreciate those days where you have more pie than you should. You will be surprised by how little you want to eat all those cookies and cake if you are truly holding yourself accountable to the food log.

Third tip: DO NOT STOP GOING TO THE GYM. We know, it’s busy, family is in town, kids are getting done with school for the semester, and life has all of sudden just caught up with you. You need, need, NEED to make sure you are setting time for yourself to get in the gym and burn some calories. Trust me, you are going to look back on your holiday time and you will either be very happy with how well you stuck with your performance in the gym, or you will have thoughts about how you can do better next year.

Plus working out means you can afford to eat one more cookie.

And that isn’t a terrible thing is it?

Happy post-Thanksgiving to you all! Get in and burn some calories!

By: Tanner Porter

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