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Massage Therapy: Not a Luxury, an Essential

A few years ago if you would have asked me what I think about getting a professional massage I probably would have told you something along the lines of, “well it feels nice, it seems like it is some hippy voodoo, but sure, it can be fun for couples to do on a tropical getaway.” I had never really considered the possibility that reoccurring massages could be a life changing thing, but I am here to tell you: they are.

Since June of 2017, I have been getting a massage every Friday from Melissa over at Melistic Therapeutic Massage and let me be the first to say it is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made for my body. The first massage I ever got felt pretty similar to the first time I ever foamed rolled myself. Fun fact about me, I do not handle pain well. I mean seriously if you ever need to interrogate me you won’t need car batteries or acid or anything you can just pull on my beard hair and I will tell you everything. Melissa has always been very understanding of my baby skin and has adjusted her intensity as necessary, which has been nice.

But anyway, I am getting off track. What I have discovered since getting a weekly massage is this awesome feeling of being free of most joint and muscle pains, aside from the regular “I’m getting old and I slept wrong on my shoulder” pain. I used to suffer from horrible tendonitis in my elbows and shoulders and since I have been getting regular massages all remnants of tendonitis are all but gone. I live a completely ibuprofen free life because I take care of my body in my workouts, and I make sure my joints are getting the treatment they deserve by relaxing all my muscles at the end of the week.

Do not take my words for granted because I am not the kind of person who would ever endorse anything that I do not truly 100% stand behind and I fully endorse trying to fit in at least a monthly massage into your lifestyle. Your mind and your joints will thank you!


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