So Much Room for Activities! NoCo Fitness Expansion 2017 - NoCo Fitness

So Much Room for Activities! NoCo Fitness Expansion 2017

The time is finally here! NoCo Fitness is expanding, nearly tripling in size. New offices, a consultation room, a massage therapist, new equipment, and new square footage are going to make this expansion not only great for the trainers, but also for our clients!

As many of you know, NoCo Fitness has been growing in the last year, bringing in our newest trainers Ryan and Tanner, as well as bringing in new clients. With so much growth, we knew it was time to grow in space. Not only are we excited to grow as a business. But we are excited to continue growing with our clients, creating new workouts and experiences with our new workout space.

What are some things we will be offering for clients now that we have more space?

Yoga classes with Kate

NoCo Fitness will now be offering yoga classes twice per week, to give our clients the opportunity to relax and focus on their well-being while they exercise.

Summer Athlete Training Clinic

Middle and high school athletes will now have the opportunity to work with our elite Strength and Conditioning Specialists. They will learn techniques for weightlifting, as well as power development, speed, quickness, agility, and conditioning.

Continuing One-On-One Work with Our Elite Personal Trainers

Chris, Ryan, and Tanner will be continuing to take clients through their fitness journeys with a personalized approach in workout programs. With all of this new space, there will be room for new exercises and approaches to fitness!

Massage room with Melistic Therapeutic Massage

Melissa is here for your massage needs. Get a workout in with our trainers, and then meet with Melissa to get your muscles loosened back up.

With all of this excitement of expanding, NoCo Fitness is most excited to be growing with our clients. We sought out to offer the best personal training in Northern Colorado with our personal and individualized approach to fitness. By giving ourselves more space and opportunities, we are giving our clients the opportunity to broaden their horizons in their fitness journey.

We will be having a Grand Opening party on Sunday, June 4, where existing and future clients will be able to experience some of the great additions to our gym here at NoCo Fitness! We look forward to seeing you all here!

By Ryan McIvor

Ryan McIvor | Personal Trainer


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