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Our Newest Personal Trainer: Ryan McIvor

Written on: October 11, 2016

personal trainer ryan mcivor | NoCo FitnessAt NoCo Fitness, we believe in having a multitude of trainers with a variety of backgrounds. We have added a new team member and want to show him off. Meet Ryan McIvor! Ryan is our newest personal trainer here at the gym.

Ryan’s Background

Ryan has a background in competitive training. He grew up playing baseball through high school. He played football and basketball throughout high school, as well.

In his undergraduate years in college, he took training more seriously. He competed in three men’s physique competitions. Ryan was focused on body building.

Not only is Ryan well experienced in competitive training and bodybuilding, he is well educated. Ryan received his Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science from Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction, CO. He also received a Certification as a Personal Trainer from Colorado Mesa University. Ryan is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. This is no easy feat! Specialist conduct sport-specific testing sessions, design and implement safe and effective strength training and conditioning programs and provide guidance regarding nutrition and injury prevention.

One of our clients said, “Ryan is focused on doing the techniques correctly rather than doing them quickly”. This prevents the risk of injury. He can be described a approachable, friendly and motivational.

Ryan helps plan the different weekly workout challenges and shows members how to do the workouts. He is creative in the way that he makes the workouts fun, but yet centered around fitness and challenging to the member. Ryan has had a hand in creating videos for our facebook page and helps administer that page as well.

Ryan is a fun and outgoing trainer that pays close attention to his client’s needs. In his free time, Ryan loves to spend time with family, friends and he loves to attend sporting events.

We are happy to have him as part of the NoCo Fitness Team and we are excited to see where this new partnership goes.

What we love best about Ryan is he is the personal trainer that greets people at the door with a smile.

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