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Our Newest Team Member: Meet Logan

Written on: June 24, 2019

Logan Ammirati | Personal Trainer

My name is Logan Ammirati. I am interning here at Noco Fitness for the next couple of weeks.  From there, I’ll be joining the team as a trainer. I am very excited to get to know the great people who come in to work out, and I am even more excited to help them reach their health and fitness goals.

I have several years of strength and hypertrophy training. I grew up playing many different sports, some being football and track/field. I seriously practiced martial arts for 11 years and even competed at the national level. In tandem with competitions, I taught an assortment of martial arts classes and prepared a variety of age groups for different competitions. During these moments of instruction, I developed a knack for pushing others to attain their fullest potentials. It wasn’t until after college, however, that I allowed my passion to drive my own pursuits.

I graduated from Utah State University with a bachelor’s degree in Finance, thinking I would help hardworking individuals with their financial goals. After quickly realizing that I needed a job with more physical activity in order to be personally satisfied, I obtained my personal trainer certification through the NASM program. I stay motivated to live a healthy lifestyle by continually learning more about the fitness industry each day.

Outside of the gym, I enjoy watching movies and spending time outside with my wife.  I also appreciate time spent with my family, especially hiking or hunting in the mountains.  I feel at my best, and most like myself, when I am active.

As the newest member of the NoCo team, I intend to bring my “A” game at the gym each day.  I am a fluent Spanish speaker, and therefore hope to offer help to anyone who requires that service. In addition, I look forward to training clients who are looking into bodybuilding or athletic training, as I continue to acquire a look for additional knowledge on muscle growth and supplemental health.  I am eager to give my all during sessions and get to know the members in the coming weeks.

By: Logan Ammirati

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