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Gym Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves at the Gym: a Compilation by Tanner Porter

Everyone has their own style of working out, things they can do, cannot do, or simply do not like doing. One of the most beautiful things about working out is how unique it is from person to person. Despite the amazing variety found in different people at the gym, there are a few things that no one should ever do (in my opinion) and a few things that really just grind my gears when working out.

(Please note: I am not directing this at any one person. Pretty much everybody including myself is found guilty of these pet peeves at least once in their workout life.)

Pet Peeve #1

When I first began training at NoCo Fitness and was in charge of cleaning, I discovered my very first pet peeve. After you get made the “vacuum guy,” it becomes incredibly apparent to you when people come in with dirty shoes. You just cleaned, you just put the vacuum away and now everything is shiny and pretty, then out of nowhere somebody comes in tracking mud because it’s December and that is what happens in December. Then there is the process of getting the vacuum out and cleaning up again, which tends to get a little old the 12th time.

Pet Peeve #2

My second pet peeve is without a doubt when people are using plates on the barbell, whether that is squats or bench press, and facing the plates the wrong way. Let us just make this clear now: the numbers on the plates face inwards, not outwards. You might be asking yourself, “well why does this matter?” I’ll tell you: it doesn’t. It matters to me because it is more aesthetically pleasing to have the numbers facing in, that is all. If you really want to send shivers down my spine, put one plate on with the numbers facing in, and the other plate on with the numbers facing out. If you want to see Tanner mentally implode, that is the ticket.

Also, along with the plates: we have several different colored plates here at NoCo Fitness and when anyone puts different colored plates next to each other on the plate rack, it makes me feel icky.

Here at NoCo Fitness we are lucky enough to avoid any major pet peeves such as curling in the squat rack or not putting dumbbells up like gym-goers do at other facilities, and for this, I am very grateful. Thank you all for putting up with my first world problems, and remember, at the end of the day the important thing is that you are in here and kicking some butt!

By: Tanner Porter

Tanner Porter | Personal Trainer


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