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Physical Activity With Medical Conditions

One very cool thing about NoCo is that we make this a place where anyone can feel comfortable and be able to exercise. We see people from all walks of life, all ages, and different forms of ailments. Two populations of people that are often overlooked but still very much need to participate in exercise are: the elderly and those with any disabilities. This is not a derogatory term as it can include anyone suffering from: cancer/chemo, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, post-surgery, signs of advanced age, amputees, and any many others. We trainers here try to help our gym members master basic movements and exercises first and foremost in order to stay functional. This is important because things like getting in and out of chairs, up and down steps, picking themselves off the ground, and moving around the house can become very difficult for them.

One member I would like to shine a spotlight on is Karen. Karen has been diagnosed with MS for many years and has far exceeded anything her doctors told her. She and her husband Larry have also been extremely consistent and have showed up almost 3 times a week every week for years. When I asked her if I could mention her in this blog she was more than happy to sit down and talk to me about her condition as well as how exercise helps her. She says that there is no cure, but that physical activity manages her condition, as it makes it easier for her to move around the house as well as stay strong. It’s not something that is easy for her, but she knows how exercise makes her feel so she keeps giving it her best.

Physical activity keeps your body in top condition and healthy and strong. So as a person begins to show signs of aging or of any type of ailment, exercise keeps the body as strong as it can be to fight against whatever is trying to slow you down. Exercise may seem hard and may be the last thing on someones mind, but it is so very important. Here at NoCo we are also including a Silver Sneakers program so if anyone reading this happens to think we can do something to help someone you know, bring them in and we can get to work! See you in the gym!


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