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Powerlifting at NoCo Fitness

Why Powerlifting is the Best Sport You Will Do

Is power-lifting the right sport for you?

You may be someone who have been involved in many sports over the course of your life. Sports are an awesome way for people to get some exercise, for kids to learn important lessons like teamwork and how to work hard, and they generally do a good job at bringing out the best in everyone. We all know that one dad who tells at the coach at the high school football game, but we aren’t talking about him, we’re talking about most people like you and me. Anyway, the point is, there is a sport out there that you may have never heard of, or if you have you have never wanted to give it a try, but believe me, you want to try powerlifting sport.

Not only does weightlifting make you super strong (which is super awesome!) But it also makes you believe in yourself more than anything ever will! The first time you ever pick up 225 pounds or bench 135 pounds you are going to feel like you are on top of the world. The best part of all this? Unlike many other sports that may pit people against each other, power lifting is all about you focusing on beating yourself. When have you ever done anything where your main objective was to beat yourself?? That means that day one of powerlifting you are automatically off to a good start because you have never lifted anything before, therefore anything you lift is a PR!

Seriously people, you don’t know it now, but you need to try this sport. Plus who doesn’t want to get into a singlet and squat in front of 60 people?

If you’re interested to try this sport, contact NoCo Fitness and let us be your partner towards a stronger you in the gym. We also provide personal training where we accompany our clients in their fitness journey. We are serving clients from Loveland and Greeley. If you’re not from these areas but interested in starting your fitness journey, you may enroll in our online training where you can access our world-class trainers with just a few clicks away.


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