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Powerlifting: A Reflection of My First Meet


Last weekend, the weekend of April 28th and 29th, I was able to participate in my first powerlifting meet. It was with a few people from NoCo Fitness such as Ryan, Melissa and Matt. Although we all had a great deal of fun and had our own experience in a unique way, I am here to discuss mine.

Before Powerlifting

Before powerlifting, my biggest fear of lifting heavy weights in front of a judge and dozens of people, including other lifters, was that I was going to be the weakest one and looked down on from everyone I was with. When we arrived however, the mood of the local tournament was not at all what I expected. People were laughing, smiling, yelling, and having a good time. No matter where you were at in your own journey of lifting, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE there was on your team. They either did not care what weight you were lifting, or they all very badly wanted you to succeed.

I first got a taste of the support from my comrades after I completed my second squat of the day. It was a fairly heavy weight for me, and I remember getting stuck for a few seconds. During that few seconds of being stuck everyone in the room started shouting, “Get it! You got it! GO! GO!” and then bam, the weight just came up. I realized that all the strangers staring back at me were just as much on my team as my family and close friends.

In The End

In the end, powerlifting turned out to be a contest against yourself, not anyone else. You came to conquer your own personal records, and break through the ceiling of impossibility. This competition taught me a lot about preparation and what your body needs in order to pull the weight of a champion. Our next meet is July 21st in Colorado Springs. If you’ve ever had any interest in powerlifting, you should come and talk to a trainer about getting started. We would love to have you on the team! Regardless of what you think, you are strong enough, so put aside the excuses and make it happen. We’ll see you in the gym!

By: Tanner Porter


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