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Sunday Football BBQ’s: Snack Tips for Staying on Track

It is Sunday. The game is about to start. You walk into your friend’s or family’s home to smell all the game day fixings. You look around and everyone is hanging out and eating!

Before throwing in the towel, piling your plate high and taking it all in, let’s look at some healthy ways to get through Sunday football parties – without ruining your diet.

There are plenty of ways to do BBQ snacking so that you still feel a part of the gang but not need a stretcher to roll you out when you are done.

Tip #1:

Bring your own snacks to the party.
You know what you can/can not eat and what fits into your eating plan.

Tip #2:

Consider bringing a protein shake, meal bar or some kind of quick healthy snack to help curb your appetite for unhealthy food. (No one has to know what is in your drink container but you).

Tip #3:

Workout before the big game.
Not only is this going to give you good endorphins for making positive choices but you aren’t going to want to undo all the hard work you have just done.

Tip #4:

Have some of what you want (snacks or treats) but do it in moderation.
Live a little. A bite can often curb a craving more than eating the whole thing. Just be sure to cut yourself off so you don’t regret it later. Moderation is key when it comes to treats. Perhaps you save your cheat meal for the week for the big game.

Tip #5:

You throw the party! That way you are in control of all of the healthy snacks there.
Some ideas are veggie trays, seasoned chicken breast tenders and fruit.

Tip #6:

Make your goal known to others who you are inviting to game day. Ask that they be supportive of you healthy lifestyle. When others ask to bring snack foods, don’t just tell them to bring whatever they’d like, ask them to bring what you know you and your other guests can have.

After all, football and life is a team sport – let’s be healthy together.


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