Do You Have to Sweat for a Physical Activity to Count and Does Sweating Burn Calories?

Written on: April 30, 2018

These two are big myth in the fitness industry that many people fall into. I am not saying that sweating when exercising is bad. I personally love when I am dripping with sweat after working out, but that it is not necessary for adaptations or to burn calories. The purpose of sweating is to cool down the body. When you exercise your body heats up and that stimulates the sweat glands. Once the sweat evaporates off your skin it takes a little bit of the heat with it.

Everybody is different when it comes to sweating. For some, the more fit you are the faster you will sweat because your body is use to thermoregulation, which is when your body is able to maintain its internal core temperature. Some people can be at the gym for an hour doing high intensity training but look like they haven’t even left the house because they just don’t sweat. Others could be watching Cops and start sweating. That’s another reason we are unique individuals.

Does sweating burn calories? The answer is no. People burn calories while exercising and they sweat do to getting their body temperature rising. Also if you are doing a workout that makes you sweat profusely like doing HIIT outside in the middle of July or hot yoga in a small studio, then you go step on the scale and see that you lost a couple pounds. Those couple of pounds were water weight. Once you go and drink a couple bottle of water to rehydrate, you will gain those pounds back. I think that is why people associate sweating with burning calories.

All in all, don’t be tricked into these myths. You do not have to sweat for physical activity to affect the outcome of the workout. Sweating does not burn any extra calories. No matter if your watching an exhilarating TV show or at NoCo doing an exhilarating exercise, sweating is just there to cool you down.

By: Matthew Miller

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