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Switching Up Your Fitness Routine

In fitness, there are a multitude of types of fitness out there and it seems like every year, there is something new! Whether it is strength training, yoga, long-distance running, cross fit, or any other discipline of fitness, it is important to realize that you should switch it up every now and then! Not only can fitness be boring and monotonous sometimes, but your body will appreciate the switch up from time to time and will keep your progress from being stagnant.

For example, if you regularly do our HIIT Boot Camp class, maybe it would be good later in the week to follow that up with some long slow distance cardio. This could be walking on an incline treadmill, going for a hike, riding a bike, etc. Having the variety in your cardio routine is good for your body. If you regularly strength train with heavy weights, throwing in some functional fitness like TRX training, carries, etc. might be a good idea!

Lastly, throwing in a stretching routine is always good for someone that exercises regularly. Use it as a time to reflect on your other training and is a great time to relax while giving those muscles a break. Your muscles, joints, and mind will thank you for it!

Again, switching up your routine can have a great benefit for your health and your fitness goals. If you need ideas or ever just feel stuck with the “same ol’” routine, maybe it’s a good time to get yourself a personal trainer who can show you new and exciting ways to exercise!


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