Chandler G. - NoCo Fitness

Submitted: November 11, 2019

Chandler G.

For any Exercise Science student at UNC, who wants to get into Personal Training after they graduate, NoCo Fitness is a fantastic place to do your internship. I have learned so many valuable skills while doing my internship here, that I feel fully prepared to be a Personal Trainer now that my internship is over. There is only so much you can actually learn in the class room. Experience is a major key in becoming successful in doing what you want to do and NoCo Fitness definitely helped gain very valuable experience. One, of the main reasons that NoCo Fitness is great is because of the wide variety of people that you get to work with. In my time here, I have been able to observe and work with people with arthritis, people who have beaten cancer, young athletes, power lifters, and people who would just like to get into better shape overall. So, I think the variety is part of what sets NoCo apart. Another reason why, this internship is great is because, every client gets their own unique experience. I have interviewed at other gyms that kind of have a cookie cutter mind set when it comes to providing clients with workouts. It definitely shouldn’t be that way, and NoCo Fitness doesn’t treat it that way. So, by interning here you will be able to see what goes into writing workouts for different types of people with different goals, injuries, conditions, or fitness levels. Lastly, what makes NoCo Fitness great are the trainers. Every trainer kind of has a different approach, and has different strengths, but all are extremely knowledgeable about what they do. So, it’s awesome to be able to observe all of them and see how they might do things differently from one another, but still get the job done.