Thom M. - NoCo Fitness

Submitted: November 11, 2019

Thom M.

When you start carrying around 50 extra pounds and your belly is entering rooms well before you do, it’s time to get serious about getting back into shape. So, when my wife presented me with a gift certificate for a month at NoCo Fitness with a personal trainer, I figured it was her gentle way of telling me that the lump in the sofa wasn’t the furniture… but me. And now, three months in, I actually look forward to meeting with Chris two times a week. I’ve lost 25 pounds, I’m moving to the left in pant sizes in my closet, and just today I discovered that I can flex pec muscles under what used to be my moobs. And I owe it to Chris. He’s fun, enthusiastic, and supportive, without any of the macho I expected to be thrown at me. I can’t recommend him, the nutritional guidance, or the workouts he individualizes for my fat a** any more highly. Really, he’s terrific. In fact, we have a new saying in our house when facing something challenging: “Be Like Chris.” High-fives for Chris Silvernale.