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The Countdown Begins: Tough Mudder 2017

Written on: July 5, 2017

It’s almost time for NoCo Fitness to have some fun in the sun… and mud!

In two weeks, NoCo Fitness will be taking clients to participate in the 2017 Tough Mudder at Copper Mountain. Packed with obstacles ranging from big to small, this event brings everyone back to their childhood. Playing in the mud, not afraid of getting dirty, and no care in the world! It is a chance to showcase all the hard work you have put in to get ready for this! So, as you get ready to dominate this course, think about the things you’ve done leading up to this.

You made a commitment to yourself in the past year that has allowed you to build strength, both physically and mentally.

Maybe you have been able to lift a weight or do a movement you didn’t think was possible.

Maybe you were able to convert yourself to an early morning workout person, something you thought you could never do.

Or you gained enough flexibility to touch your toes for the first time in a while or even tie your own shoes.

Maybe you have been able to change your mindset and outlook on life: enjoying and accepting all challenges that come your way, as you have gained confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Lastly, maybe you have surrounded yourself with like-minded individuals and have built lasting relationships and friendships with people who now support and push you in everything you do!

Whatever it is, you have been able to conquer goals in the last year that you didn’t know would even be possible. And that is amazing! So, as we head up that mountain, make sure to take a moment and reflect on your hard work. You have all of NoCo Fitness on your side, trainers and clients, cheering you on to the finish line! So, go out and kill it! Give others a hand when needed. And let’s show Copper Mountain just what NoCo Fitness is all about!

By Ryan McIvor

Ryan McIvor | Personal Trainer

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