The Guide to New Year Fitness Resolution

Written on: January 1, 2019

New Year fitness Resolution | Greeley Fitness

Fitness Resolution Guide

We have reached the time of year when almost everybody has something about themselves they want to improve upon for the next year. New Year resolutions are great…or I should say, can be great when they are done correctly. The problem is, tons of people come into the new year with unrealistic resolutions that will only last a month if that. So let this blog be your fitness resolution guide, so you can live your best life in 2019!

The first problem with a lot of resolutions is, they just aren’t sustainable. So many people have huge plans to make major changes every year, only to fizzle out shortly thereafter. One of the keys is picking something that you can actually stick to. For example if you want to start getting back into the gym after some time off, start by trying to go three days a week and then as you get that down you can expand from there. Making your goal to start going 7 days a week is going to be really tough, and for most people probably not sustainable over a long period of time.

You want to be specific with your Resolution

The next problem a lot of people have is, there fitness resolution just isn’t specific enough. If your resolution is to be healthier in the New Year, make it specific. How are you going to be healthier? Are you going to start exercising more often? Are you going to change your diet? Are you going to drink more water? You should create the framework for your fitness resolutions before you start it, that way it’s easier to stick to.

Don’t let minor speed bumps derail the whole process.

The last point I will talk about is, don’t let minor speed bumps derail the whole process. Say you’re going to try to keep your sugar intake under 50 grams a day for example, if you mess up one day don’t let that discourage you and compound into an everyday thing. Just rebound the next day and try to do better!

All in all, I hope 2019 is a great year for everybody. We should all try to improve ourselves every single day. It’s never a bad thing to try and better yourself! Just stick to your goals, and make this your best year ever!

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