The Gym is the Best Addiction

Written on: October 12, 2018

Gym Addiction

There are many forms of addiction in this world. They range from horrendous, life destroying addictions all the way to beautiful and life enhancing ones. Now, I do want you to read the first two lines of this blog and then go around telling all of your friends that a NoCo Fitness trainer said that addiction can be a good thing, because, quite frankly, that would be construing the truth of what I am trying to say. What I am saying is that an addiction is an addiction, and we all have them, so you might as well be addicted to something awesome.

Better Than Coffee??

According to researchers from the NCBI, coffee (or technically the caffeine in the coffee) is the most widely used psychoactive drug in the world, with about 80% of all adults drinking coffee every day, it is technically the most “abused” drug on the planet. Go ahead, look it up. Now, what I am about to promise you is something you are not going to believe: there is a “drug” that is way more addictive than caffeine and twice as fun to feel. This “drug” is the feeling of overcoming physical obstacles that you never thought you could possibly beat.

Get Addicted to Your Gym Workout

Let me tell you something here, and you can take notes. Unlike every other substance in the world, getting addicted to the gym is the one and only activity where there is only upsides, and no downsides whatsoever! Think about it, you get stronger, you lose body fat, your joints operate more fluidly, and you look better, feel better and move better! The gym is the ONE place on earth that you can be sure that the hard work you put in will give back to you. There is a direct exchange rate between how hard YOU work and what kind of results YOU have. Talk about a fun addiction!

Long story short, please let the gym become your new obsession. Beat yourself, lift heavier, and relieve some stress from your hard and taxing day by throwing around some weights. The gym is your therapist, your coach, and sometimes even that one friend who tells is it how it is no matter how hard it is to hear (we all have one).

Get out there and stay swole!

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