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The Importance of a Well Rounded Exercise Program

Today’s topic: why it is important for everybody to follow a well-rounded workout routine. You might be thinking, “What does he mean by well rounded?” For the bros out there, this does not just mean doing more tricep exercises to catch up with your biceps. By well-rounded I mean doing cardio and resistance training, not just one or the other. I know plenty of people who only lift weights and never get the heart rate up and vice versa, plenty of people who get their 20 minutes in on the treadmill and call it a day.

The reason you should do both, is they both have great benefits that you just can’t get by only doing one. In reality they can go hand in hand. If you are somebody who is trying to lose weight, it’s very important to do both because they’ll help you lose weight in different ways. Doing cardio will help you get into a caloric deficit right away, while resistance training will build muscle which helps burn more calories at rest. You don’t have to be trying to lose weight to do both though! Cardio is great for heart and lung health, as well as mental health as it has been shown to help reduce depression. Resistance training helps build muscular strength and build muscle in ways that cardio just can’t, as well as increase bone density to cut down on injuries.

If you are somebody that finds yourself only doing cardio or only doing resistance training, maybe it is time to reconsider. If you’ve only been doing one for a long time and you are lost when it comes to the other, come into the gym and we would love to help!


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