Tricking your Treat Tooth for Halloween

Written on: October 31, 2018

NoCo Fitness Halloween | Greeley, CO

NoCo Fitness Halloween | Greeley, CO

It’s that time of year…Halloween. One night each year, kids dress as their favorite superheroes, ghosts, vampires, princesses, etc. and fill the streets of neighborhoods, filling their baskets with treats of all sorts. Ranging from snickers to milky ways, or even that one neighbor that hands out apples, the celebration of hallows eve allows kids (and adults) to be something other than themselves for one night, and fulfill that desire of endless sweets.

But, then November 1st hits, and then what? All you are left with is an upset stomach, candy wrappers all over the house, and  a grumpy child coming down from a sugar binge. Now, I am not saying that kids shouldn’t enjoy the holiday of Halloween. Let them do it. Be free. Go wild. I think it is good for kids to enjoy the holidays, and not have to worry about what the candy might do to them later on. But, if you’re an adult, a parent, try to put down your kids’ candy basket (cause we all know you aren’t checking for the “safety” of the candy), and hear me out on some tips to satisfy that sweet tooth, but not throw all of your progress away that you have made on your fitness goals.

  1. Realize that Halloween is indeed just another day. Celebrate the festivities that Halloween has to offer. Dress up. Go to a party. But, you do not have to over indulge just to enjoy the day. Nobody is forcing you to eat all that candy.
  2. With #1 being said, allow yourself just a little bit. One little candy bar isn’t going to kill your progress, but don’t allow yourself to slide down the slippery slope that is “I’ll just have one piece”, that inevitably slips into nonstop candy binging while watching old slasher films from the 90’s.
  3. Eat a protein bar instead. Protein bars are a great substitute to sweets and can help to satisfy that craving.
  4. Get back to the gym. Go to the gym before the Halloween festivities and then after as well. Get some cardio in, and kick up the intensity a little bit. It will help to get ahead of it before it becomes a problem.

Hopefully some of the above tips will help you out in battling the Halloween candy binge this year and you can stay on track with all of your goals!

By: Ryan McIvor

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