What sets NoCo Fitness apart?
NoCo Fitness

What sets NoCo Fitness apart?

Some people might not know this but I am still relatively new to Greeley, Colorado. I actually moved here in the beginning of August in order to start my Masters program at UNC. I had been a personal trainer and fitness coach for several years in Fargo, ND and Moorhead, MN and was hoping to keep doing that here so I had looked at a few gyms but nothing really stuck out to me.

Enter NoCo Fitness.

What can I say about NoCo Fitness? We care. Flat and simple. If we wanted to be millionaires we would go play the stock market, but we are in the fitness industry because we care about our clients! It’s very easy for gyms to SAY they care about their members but something that should be very evident from the moment you walk in our doors is that we SHOW we care. Whether it be the front desk staff greeting you in or saying goodbye, the way that our trainers help you achieve whatever goals you may have, or just being an environment where anyone at any age can enjoy being active. Not to mention our great clientele and friendly conversations you can have with anyone.

What sets us apart is that there is something for everybody in our gym. For example, we offer a powerlifting program called NoCo Strength (which if you have ever been interested in getting strong with a great group of people along the way I HIGHLY recommend you look into). There is also a very low-key and relaxed setting stretching class on Saturdays called Timber Up where we work on flexibility and moving better taught by myself. And we do offer individualized personal training from one of our top notch trainers where we tailor an exercise program to whatever wants and needs you may have. Ryan, Chandler, Tanner, Chris and I all have diverse backgrounds that allow us to help you the best way we can. We work with any age, any level, and any goals!

We listen to our members and we make our gym the best place it can be because everyone deserves to look better, feel better, and move better.

Let’s have a great year!


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