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Who You Are in The Gym = Who You Are Outside The Gym

Health & Happiness | Greeley, CO

Many of us have been changed by exercise in one way, shape, or form. Odd as it may seem, hitting the gym and throwing some weights around carries with it some very heavy mental side effects. Far beyond just the physical adaption and changes your body is going through. As soon as you step into a gym, you become a different person. As soon as you step into a gym, you become a better person, not only in terms of exercise but in all aspects of life from work to family.

An Example

Let me use myself as an example. In high school, I had a grade point average of about 2.1 (which is basically straight D’s, for those who are wondering). I had no real ambition for anything, and I experienced no drive for bettering myself in most aspects of my life. Even after I joined the military my attitude towards life did not change! I was lazy, complacent, and I was totally okay with accepting things the way they were. I was a, “I wish” person instead of a “I will” person.

Fast forward to 2015, I got to the gym for the first time with a friend. Ever since that day, my life changed. I went to EMT school the fall of 2015, and I got excellent grades! I worked harder at work, and for the first time I started to try at things that I had never tried before. Why? Because the gym taught me that some things are hard! The weights became a metaphor for my life.

Just like the dumbbells, sometimes the things in my life were tough to hold on to. Relationships are hard. Friendships can be hard. Paying bills is tough. Many other things in life are just “weights” that are there to crush you. What I learned from the gym is that I CAN lift those weights. I CAN push through the hard stuff in life and when life starts to fight, the tough and strong willed FIGHT BACK.

Mental Toughness

This is just the example from my life but I have heard many others talk about their changes! The gym brings mental toughness, it makes you realize you can do things you did not think were possible! Some of you may feel like life is dragging you down and drowning you in a mess of worry and self-hate. But the gym is there to tell you, “No way man, you are better and you can push through this.” Whenever you get stuck in a tough situation, I want you to think about how far you have come. How you have done things you never thought you could. For God’s sake, I want you to push in life the way you push those dumbbells around at the gym! Let your confidence guide you, and be the, “I will” person I know you are.

See you in the weight room.

By: Tanner Porter

Tanner Porter | Personal Trainer


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