Who’s On Your Team?

Written on: August 29, 2018

Tough Mudder 2018 | Greeley, CO

Tough Mudder 2018 | Greeley, CO

As many of our clients know, the four trainers at NoCo Fitness, along with 10 clients, completed the 2nd annual NoCo Tough Mudder at a team this past weekend in SnowMass, Colorado. Consisting of 20 obstacles in a 10 mile stretch, our team took on the challenge, and we crushed it. We climbed through mud pits, hung 15 feet in the air on monkey bars, and even ran through electrified wire. And, we did it as a team. In this blog, I wanted to talk about the importance of having a team around you. What does that mean? Who should be on your team? Let me give you my thoughts as I reflect upon this weekend.

In the course, there were numerous times that we had to climb and hike up the ski slope for what seemed like forever. There were times that we had to put some fears and hesitations aside, to do something uncomfortable. There were times that we had to pick each other up, and in one case, literally carry another teammate on our back for 200 feet. Or, we had to help each other over a wall. Time and time again, we had to work as a team.

Towards the very end of the race, I had a client lean over to me and tell me they couldn’t have done this without myself and the other trainers. What they didn’t realize was that I also couldn’t have done this without them. They helped me to push myself. I could hear my teammates cheer me on as I climbed monkey bars over the 15 foot water pit. They encouraged me and pushed me if I slowed down in the hike. They grabbed my hands to help me to the top of the Everest 2.0 obstacle.

The Tough Mudder was not easy. Sure, I am a personal trainer. But, there were times that I had to convince myself to keep pushing forward, through the pain, in order to be there for my team. I honestly couldn’t have done that course on my own. And with that, I wouldn’t have wanted to.

Find Your Team!

Whether it is next years’ Tough Mudder, in the gym, or just in life, I encourage you all to find your team. Surround yourself with people that aren’t going to let you stop moving forward and are going to push you to be your best. Be that person for someone else.  Create a team, and you will be able to get through anything.

By: Ryan McIvor

Ryan McIvor | Personal Trainer

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