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Find out why i use dumbbells

Why Do I Use Dumbbells More Often than Barbells in My Training?

Why do I use Dumbbells then?

If you have been my client for any amount of time, chances are you have heard this spiel. If you are not my client or if you have not heard the spiel, sit back and take some notes because class is in session *adjusts podium*. The reason I use dumbbells more often than barbells is a pretty simple reason:dumbbells are more versatile and typically safer way for the everyday athlete to work hard in the gym. 

There are a few thoughts that go along with this, but for simplicity purposes we will be addressing only a few of them. The first really good reason is because dumbbells are MUCH more adjustable exercise equipment than barbells. If, for instance, I have a client who has shoulder issues, and we want to do a chest exercise, there are two options excluding body weight. We can bench, or we can dumbbell press. Now, the barbell does not all for any free-style hand motion. Essentially you are locked into a position, and there is very little room for adjustment besides, “move your hands closer or farther.” If I want my client to work really hard but also feel zero shoulder pain then I will throw them under some dumbbells and all of a sudden we have a world of combinations available.

Barbells are awesome for specific training, such as powerlifting or if a client says, “I want to squat 315,” but outside of really specific movement training, barbells are not awesome for everyone to use. In most of my training, both for my clients and for myself, everything is going to fall under the domain of the dumbbells simply because dumbbells still make you super strong, but also are much more forgiving than most situations under a barbell. There are many other reasons why dumbbell training is the king, but you can ask your trainer about them!

See you at the dumbbell rack.


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