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Why People With Chronic Pain Should Work Out with a Personal Trainer

Written on: July 25, 2022

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Living with chronic pain can be extremely difficult. Pain can make it hard to do everyday tasks, and it can be tough to stay motivated to exercise. However, did you know that working out with a personal trainer may actually help relieve your pain? According to recent studies, regular exercise can help improve the quality of life for people living with chronic pain. A personal trainer can help you safely perform exercises and stretches that will help reduce your pain and improve your physical functioning. So if you’re looking for relief from chronic pain, don’t hesitate to give personal training a try!

How can exercise help with chronic pain?

Chronic pain can reduce the amount of activity you enjoy doing. Muscles may weaken and atrophy as a result of chronic pain, making movement more difficult. Exercising can help prevent your body from breaking down as a result of inactivity. Strengthening your muscles and improving flexibility can make doing things in your life more convenient while also helping you to remain mobile and active.

Exercise has a variety of benefits for people living with chronic pain. For one, it can help improve quality of life. Pain can make it difficult to do everyday activities, but regular exercise can help reduce pain severity and make it easier to do the things you love. Exercise can also help increase physical functioning.

If you’re inactive and have gained weight, reintroducing exercise into your routine may assist you in taking the weight off. Excess weight can put a lot of strain on your joints and muscles, so removing excess weight can help ease joint and muscle pain. Endorphins are also released by the brain as a result of a healthy exercise, which naturally relieves pain without the need for medicines.

How do I get started exercising when I have chronic pain?

If you’re looking to use exercise to help with chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, lupus, RA, OA or another long-term illness, you must proceed with caution. Jumping into a lot of activity, especially if you have been inactive, raises the risk of an accident or bodily injury.

Before you begin working out, you’ll need expert advice and permission from your doctor. Once you’ve been given the green light, start slow and increase your endurance and strength.

Get the green light for exercise from your doctor

If you have been inactive for awhile, you will want to get the approval from your doctor before you begin an exercise regimen. Exercise is beneficial to most individuals but it’s a good idea to double-check that it won’t exacerbate any existing ailments.

Start with the basics

Begin by making sure your physical activities are fun and interesting again; try walking around the neighborhood, dancing, gardening or doing some other healthy hobby that you enjoy. Start with simple movements such as alternating between sitting and standing, stepping up and down onto a box, pushing, pulling or revolving motions.

You can build up your strength and mobility with these simple exercises. You will gradually improve your strength and range of motion in preparation for more demanding activities adn exercise.

Benefits of working with a personal trainer for chronic pain

If you have persistent pain, you’ll need assistance throughout the process. A personal trainer will show, guide, and instruct you in exercises and stretches to help you achieve your objectives while ensuring that you do them safely.

When you’re highly uncomfortable, your body will try to compensate for the discomfort by modifying how you move. A personal trainer will be watching for movements that might reduce the efficacy of your workout or cause injuries. Your personal trainer will help you achieve several benefits, including:

Increased Flexibility & Stronger Muscles

When you have chronic pain, flexibility is crucial. Your muscle ligaments and tendons become less tense as a result of continual stretching exercises to improve your flexibility. You can do more by being more flexible. Because your range of motion will improve, you’ll be able to accomplish a greater number of tasks. As a result, preventing physical restrictions in your everyday activities may enhance your quality of life.

When done correctly, strength training exercises assist to increase mobility and range of motion, which leads to a greater capacity to grow lean muscle.

Safety & Education

Your safety is of the utmost importance. When you hire a personal trainer for chronic pain, they will assist you in moving correctly and maintaining good posture and alignment to avoid worsening your condition.

Personal trainers can help you learn pain-relieving exercise routines that will assist you in managing your condition. They have a thorough understanding of how the body moves and which exercises may be beneficial to your particular objectives.

Personal trainers may also assist you in learning the ideal workout for what you want to accomplish. As your strength, endurance, and flexibility improve, the demands of your workouts will change. If you want to shift your attention away from weight loss and toward increased mobility, for example, a personal trainer can help adjust your training routine to help.


It might be difficult to keep motivated, especially if you have persistent pain. Personal trainers can assist you in focusing on your goals and providing you with the encouragement necessary when things get tough. If you have someone waiting at the gym for you, it will be more difficult to skip your workout for the day. It’ll be tougher to cancel a personal trainer appointment if you have one set time.

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