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Why You Need A Workout Partner

Let’s paint two different workout scenarios and see if you can relate to one or the other or both.

Workout Motivation the Up and Downs

1. You’ve been there – when you are feeling like you can take on the world! At those moments in time, you also feel pretty self-motivated and self-reliant. It is at those moments you feel unstoppable.
2. You overslept and you have missed your workout two days in a row. You think, maybe it is just not worth it. It is one of those times when you don’t feel like the king of your own castle.

The second situation is traditionally the times when people stop working out.

So how do we stop the ups and downs of a workout schedule when it is based on how you feel. The answer is simple: A workout partner.

Workout Partner | NoCo FitnessThe two key reasons for a workout partner are accountability and motivation. During the up times, it is awesome to celebrate with someone else. Most likely, you’ll elevate the attitude, performance and behavior of the other person too during these times.

When feeling discouragement or just the easy of laziness, a workout partner will help keep you motivated and remind you – you are not alone.

In fact, you’ll find a powerful ebb and flow of one partner being up when the other is down, at times you’ll both be up but rarely will you both be down or frustrated. That is just how it works.

When you make a commitment to meet someone at the gym and you are in the same situation/workout schedule, well, they need you there so you best get up, dress the part and go play full out.

When working towards goals, a workout partner can help you meet and exceed those goals as they are as invested in your success as you are. So find someone in your gym or that will start coming to the gym and let’s get going – together.


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