Back Muscles! Why You Should Train Them!

Written on: May 21, 2018

I have noticed that some people do not train their back as much as they should. We all should know that the back is a large group of muscle that should not be neglected. The reasons why I think people don’t care about their backs or do not think about training their back is because they don’t see it very often. Also people do not think of the back as being an aesthetic muscle group.

That’s why people care more about their front side like pecs and abs, because when it’s summertime and you are at the beach you think you look good with your six pack and big arms. Except your hunched over with rounded shoulders because your back doesn’t have any strength to hold your posture. Another reason maybe that people are not knowledgeable enough to train the back properly. Also they might have neglected their back for so long that it is to hard to train their back because it is so weak.

The benefits of training the back. The first benefit, and maybe the most important reason for training the back, is to have good posture. The back muscles keep you upright with the shoulders, back, and chest out. Besides for having an all around better physique it makes you all around stronger. The back is a large muscle group. Training any large muscle group boosts more testosterone and gets released in the body to help other muscle groups grow too.

Training the back makes the person more athletic too. Anything explosive uses your posterior chain and back to stabilize the movement. Being more athletic makes everyday movements easier too. Any movement with pulling is using the back. Lifting up a heavy box uses a large part of the back or just having to pull a door open. Training the right back muscle give off the allusion that you are bigger and in better shape than you actually are. Training the lats and traps make your shoulders wider and training your low back tightens up the waist line and prevents posterior pelvic tilt. By doing this this it gives off the V shape of your back and makes you look skinnier.

Another thing I have noticed others doing, and myself included, is not training the whole back. The parts that people have neglected, myself included, is the upper and lower back. It is easy to forget about these parts of the back. Training the mid back is easy because all you have to do is pull the hands to the lower chest. Rowing or single arm dumbbell row is a great way to exercise the mid back but that should not be all you are doing for the back. To get the whole back involved you would need more pulling angles and extension of the back. Pull-ups. Low back extensions. Shrugs. Band pull aparts. Straight-arm pulldowns. Single arm cable pulls. These are all important to get a whole back workout.

By: Matthew Miller

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