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do not skip your workouts during the holidays

Winter is Coming… and so are the Holidays!

With Halloween just around the corner, I would like to take a moment to wish you all a great holiday season before life gets crazy and we are all running around buying presents and making sure the house is clean for in the visiting in-laws. BY THE WAY, here is a great idea for those in-laws! You know how we all have the one cousin or uncle/aunt that is sorta, kinda obnoxious and you know you have to put up with them for multiple days and let them sleep in your house? Well we have the perfect solution to getting them out of the house for a bit and making them do some hard work: send them to your favorite personal trainers! But really, on a more serious note, do not let the holiday season derail all the hard work you have put into your nutrition and workouts!

If you are like me you might like – okay love – the holidays for basically the sole reason that there is delicious food all the time. I mean come on, yams, dinner rolls, honey glazed ham, cookies, pie, and turkey?? Yum! As excited as we all are for the upcoming deliciousness, we need to remember a few things that will help us stay healthy and in shape. Number one, don’t skip your workouts. Let me say again for the people in the back: do not skip your workouts. I know that life is busy with family in town, or going out of town for this and that, but you will thank yourself after the holiday season is over if you stick to your workout.

Number two, remember calories and calories out. It is WAYYYYY too easy to over eat during the holidays. It is important to take some time to sit back and remember all the work you have put in this year, and that you need to stick to your caloric budget, even with all that amazing food. Far be it from me to tell you not to eat a good Thanksgiving dinner, but as your trainer I just want to make sure you are indulging the right amount and not going overboard.

Point is, you have been working so hard, and we are so proud of you here. Enjoy yourself this season, and spread the love. We will see you in the gym!


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