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You are Awesome and I can Prove it Mathematically

Written on: August 5, 2019

Alright so I lied, I cannot prove this mathematically, because I can barely do basic addition and subtraction in my head. I CAN however prove you are awesome through sound reasoning and logic. In every awesome person around the globe, there is almost always one consistent character trait, and it is so, so, SO important that you understand this character trait in yourself. Oh what is this magic trait you ask? The answer: awesome people care about their personal mental and physical health first.

You might be thinking, “well wait a second, when I think of an awesome person I think of someone who is selfless and constantly giving to others.” And you are right! Here is how the process works: when you care about yourself first, you are ensuring that your own mind, body and soul are aligned, whole, and happy. There is NO way to give your whole self to others if your whole self is not enriched and full.  This might sound like backwards advice, but the best thing you can do for the people in your life is make sure that you are in a good place.

Think about this from the perspective of your car. Your car wants so badly to be your car and serve you. Your car exists for the sole purpose of taking you from point A to point B, BUT, can your car get you there without gas? Will it run without a proper oil change or checking on the transmission? NO, it cannot and it will not! Your car can only perform the function it is intended for if it is taken care of first. You are someone else’s car, someone depends on you, but you cannot fully function if you are not being taken care of.

So there you have it, you are awesome and you didn’t even know it. You hit the gym, you eat your fruits and veggies, and you try your hardest to get a proper amount of sleep, therefore you take care of yourself and by doing so you make yourself more physically and emotionally ready to be the person that others need you to be.

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