Greeley Area:

We are looking for 8 people who are committed to becoming more confident, healthier, and energetic, and fit the criteria below…


Flexable Program

A flexable Program

Want a flexible program specifically designed to meet you at your fitness level

Flexable Program

Coach Support

Understand the importance of a coach to support you and keep you accountable
Want to reduce stress and stay sane through a healthy lifestyle

Flexable Program

Training in person

Looking for the fun of training in-person in a safe studio going above and beyond with cleaning protocols

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Flexable Program


Complete with your own personal accountability coach (So you finish strong)

Flexable Program

Great Trainers

The greatest trainers in Greeley (So your workouts will never be boring)

Flexable Program

Easy Diet Plan

And, the worlds easiest diet plan (cause what your eat matters)

But just don’t take our word for it. Here’s what other locals had to say…

“This is what blood, sweat, tears, grit, and determination looks like. More importantly, this is what consistency looks like.

Consistency with fitness, and with nutrition. With Noco Fitness, the trainers care about all aspects of your health.”

“Best gym in Greeley. Great staff, clean environment, great selection of equipment”

Before and After Results for Shanna
Before and After Results

“The results have been unbelievable! My clothes fit differently, I have more energy throughout the day and I am able to do more physical activities.”

“Love this gym! Locally family-owned gym. Tons of equipment, all of it is in great condition.”

“I weight 30lbs less. My posture has dramatically improved. I have no knee pain.”

Before and After Results for Shanna
Before and After Results

“The hardest working trainers in the city. I’ve been working with NoCo Fitness for years and they know their stuff. If you are looking to get in shape, these are the trainers, and the gym, to go to.”

Whether this is your first workout with a coach, or you’ve been going to the gym for years, we’re ready to meet you at YOUR level.

Conquer your Goals, Transform your body, and Change Your Life!