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Massage Therapy in Greeley

For those of you who suffer from aches, pains, and tight muscles, or carry stress in your muscle, we have a solution for you! Tracy is a sports massage therapy expert. She’s been a licensed massage therapist for 7 years. She is here to provide you with professional service to set you free from pain and stress in a comfortable environment.

If you’re looking to feel better, Tracy is able to help.

Stiff, sore muscles? She’s got you covered.

Modalities she utilizes include:

  • Deep Tissue
  • Sport
  • Cranial Sacral
  • Myofascial Release
  • Trigger Point Release
  • Prenatal

What Our Clients Are Saying:

Angie W.

Tracy is absolutely amazing!!! Her pressure is on point always!! I have a hard time finding a therapist who can use enough pressure, Tracy does! She’s professional and you can tell she very much is in her niche!! Book with her, you won’t regret it!!💗

Natalie R.

Tracy is the best massage therapist I have ever had!! She is very talented & knowledgeable in many wellness areas!! I enjoy deep tissue massages and she does a great job at it! I always have shoulder tension & she always releases the tension.

Ryan M.

Tracy is second to none, the best full body massage you will ever get hands down. Make that appointment now!!!🙂

Brandy A.

Tracy is the only person I will go to. She is one of the best. Book with her and you won’t regret it. She will make you feel better in no time.

Heather W.

Tracy is fabulous- she is able to focus on specific areas to release and relax. Tension leaves your muscles and recovery starts. Tracy is able to continue the process with her vast knowledge of massage. She is one of the best!

Janet A.

Tracy is the most kind, caring, and skilled massage therapist! She creates a calming and peaceful atmosphere, and she is attentive to my feedback. I feel renewed and refreshed after every message!

Lisa B.

Tracy is a fantastic massage therapist! She is very good at knowing exactly what is hurting and how to fix it. I had a lot of back pain and visiting Tracy on a regular basis was life changing.

Christina L.

I have been going to Tracy since she started. Tracy is the absolute best! The only person who has ever been able to dig out my tight muscles. Plus she’s gentle where she needs to be. Her ability to feel what’s bothering you before you mention it puts her a league above. I have health issues & she always thought of ways to make me feel better during our sessions or after. She cares about her clients & her work. I’ve been to other massage therapists & they just don’t measure up.

Ashley O.

Tracy has a way of making you completely relaxed 😌 but still find and fix your trouble spots. Her scalp massage is my favorite! She listens to you and your wants/needs and makes sure to accommodate those into your massage!

massage therapy | Greeley, CO

Sports Massage Therapy

Massage can be the perfect pair to the hard work that you put in at the gym!

Performance enhancement – better endurance, increased capacity

Injury Prevention – better balance and timing within the muscles

Faster Recovery – helps aid in rehabilitation quicker recovery time from stiffness and soreness

Better Workouts

Your Massage Therapist

Tracy Stewart

Tracy Stewart

Massage Therapist

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Message Therapy in Greeley

Benefits of Massage:

  • Relieve stress, postoperative pain and tension headaches
  • Improves circulation, sleep, range of motion, balance in older adults, and cardiovascular health
  • Reduce anxiety, depression and muscle tension
  • Decreases joint replacement pain and recovery, the effects of dementia, stress in cancer patients, migraine frequency, and low back pain
  • Helps with fibromyalgia, MS, Parkinson’s, ALS, and chronic neck pain
  • Release toxins from the body
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Enhance exercise performance