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Nutrition Coaching Services and Counseling

​Learn how to find freedom and balance via nutrition, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle through one-on-one customized nutrition counseling.

Tired of dieting, cutting out entire food groups, and an endless amount of hours in the gym to not see any results? Maybe you struggle to find your food freedom and balance in your life. Or you want to be able to not consistently have to think about what you are eating while still feeling and looking amazing.

We will work together to achieve your goals, make adjustments to our approach based on body composition, hunger cues, activity levels, and any feedback given by you to find your ideal nutrition approach.

Our targeted nutrition therapy aims to prevent and alleviate medical conditions and symptoms. We pride ourselves on our client-centered goal setting through the Nutrition Coaching Services and counseling process and will hold you accountable through email check-ins and follow-up sessions with our nutrition team. Our goal is to create sustainable life changes that promote a positive relationship between food and the client.

After working with our experts, you will never diet again or have to cut out any food groups. You will learn what food works best to fuel your body and find balance in your life, each and every day.

The overall goal is to learn from the experience! Our experts want you to learn the ins and outs of the process so you’re able to go off on your own and continue living your best life and feel amazing!

Nutrition Coaching | Greeley, CO

Populations We Service:

Digestive Health

We focus on overall digestive function and stability. Additionally, we will breakdown what barriers you are facing and how to improve your gut overall function. Strategies that we can utilize include elimination diets and journaling to figure out trigger foods. We then can guide you through nutrition education to fill in any gaps that could improve your gut function.

Cardiovascular Health

Prevention as well as symptom management throughout the disease progression. We provide counseling and education to alleviate symptoms of hypertension, heart disease, and post cardiac events through nutrition therapy.


We will conduct blood sugar and insulin relationship counseling and education. This will allow you to optimize your nutrition to alleviate symptoms, lower your hemoglobin A1c, and have better control of your blood sugar levels.

Inflammatory States

We target points within your diet to improve levels of inflammation throughout your body. This can positively impact your overall symptoms as well as be a preventative measure against chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

Weight Loss

Optimizing macronutrients and calories to work in conjunction with your metabolism to burn fat and progress towards your weight loss goals. We pride ourselves on promoting sustainable weight loss while not placing you on a restrictive diet.

Sports Nutrition

Sport specific focus through nutrition counseling and education. We will work together through the importance of meal timing, proper fueling, fluid requirements, and how to optimize your performance.

Interested in Changing Your Lifestyle?

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Nutrition Coaching Services We Provide:

  • Macronutrient coaching
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Nutrition education
  • Medical nutrition therapy
  • Sustainable meal plans
  • Personalized goal setting sessions

What You Will Receive:

A holistic approach to food, health, and wellness

Personalized goals – whether this is macronutrients, non-scale weight goals, or other goals that you want to achieve!

Keeping tabs on food quality, hunger, digestion, bowl function, energy levels, menstrual health, hormone health, sleep, and stress to make sure your body is functioning to its full capacity

Hydration suggestions, meal timing, and how to improve your overall nutrition

Access to our nutrition experts via phone, email, and text along with weekly check-ins