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Ana Garcia | Customer Service Specialist | Greeley, CO
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Ana Garcia


Customer service specialist

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She strongly believes that regular exercise is crucial, not just for physical well-being, but also for mental health. Recognizing the demands of modern life, including familial responsibilities, she advocates for prioritizing self-care. In her view, a healthy lifestyle leads to a more fulfilling existence. She emphasizes the universality of this journey, acknowledging that aging is inevitable but asserting the importance of optimizing one’s potential through fitness. By integrating exercise into daily routines, she aims to enhance both personal vitality and quality time spent with loved ones, fostering a life unrestrained by physical limitations.


She enjoys spending time with her family, particularly her nieces and nephew, taking them to their favorite spots like the park. Traveling and attending concerts are among her favorite pastimes, with a special fondness for Red Rock shows. In the summer, she relishes being near lakes or rivers and hiking in the mountains, accompanied by delicious food. Winter activities such as tubing, skiing, and enjoying hot springs appeal to her, but she also finds joy in cozying up at home, catching up on movies and shows.


American Red Cross – CPR/AED/First Aid Certified